SLASHERS Pt 1: An introduction

With michael blyth & the final girls


This week Mike is joined by BFI Programmer Michael Blyth and film collective 'The Final Girls' to discuss the tropes, the peaks and the troughs of the slasher sub genre. What makes the slasher one of the most successful horror sub-genres? Why do we love watching endless Jason or Freddy sequels, when they all pretty much follow the same formula? And is there anything feminist about a sub-genre which celebrates and fetishises the dismemberment of pretty teenage girls? Join us for the Evolution of the Slasher...

Podcast theme music by Jack Whitney

Extra Tags: Slumber Party Massacre, Twitch of the Death Nerve, Thirteen Women, Then There Were None, Agatha Christie, Black Christmas, Halloween, Scream, Final Girl, Jamie Lee Curtis, Psycho, Peeping Tom, Bay of Blood, Anna Bogutskaya, Olivia Howe

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