folk pt 14:



This week Mike is joined by genre movie guru Giles Edward to discuss (spoiler free) some of the other folk horror movies not yet covered this series...from big hitters like Night of the Demon and Children of the Corn, to deep cuts like Dark Waters and Poison For the Fairies. 

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Podcast theme music by Jack Whitney

Tags: Haxan, The 7th Victim, Curse of the Demon, Night of the Demon, Casting the Runes, City of the Dead, Black Sunday, Night of the Eagle, Burn Witch Burn, And Soon The Darkness, Season of the Witch, Hungry Wives, Don’t Torture A Duckling, Lucio Fulci, George A. Romero, Mario Bava, Val Lewton, Jacques Tourneur, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Rituals, Children of the Corn, Stephen King, Poison for the Fairies, Pumpkinhead, The Guardian, William Friedkin, The Resurrected, Dust Devil, Dark Waters

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